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Extraordinary natural gifts joined with scientific healing expertise are a rare combination. The moment my session began with Peg, I knew I was in the presence of such an individual so my feeling safe and open to the process came easily. During our session, I experienced for the first time in my life of 54 years a depth of acknowledgement and honoring of my life's journey that I will never forget. I left our session thinking in amazement, ‘that was like a month of therapy accomplished in one hour!"

Melanie | WA

"I found Peg Ostrander's work to be very helpful. She was able to sort through my story and get to the root issue, one I had been carrying since childhood. The work was deep and powerful. After completing my sessions, I felt a release and freedom. I continued to feel a shift in the energy around me."

Nancy | Dallas, TX

"I've been seeing lately how it's important in the healing of emotional wounds to have someone there for you while you feel into them who also feels your pain and communicates that to you. That's exactly what Peg does... In addition, besides her obvious empathy and intuition, I found Peg's handling of these issues to demonstrate real compassion, sensitivity, and intelligence. So thank you Peg! Your work was most helpful to me."

Tim | San Francisco, CA

"I have never had a more profoundly positive experience help reshape my mindset until I started being honest with myself. To put it simply, I was drifting in life. I felt disdain with my surroundings, careless with my actions and the consequences of them, and the very world outside was wondering the same question I was, "Why am I here?"

What began as a series of Reiki sessions with Peg Ostrander transformed my very outlook on the life I was leading. Not just the ‘distance healing', but we began releasing past emotions, all while she is in Seattle and I am in Denver. I was reacting positively to the higher vibrations and energy; I could literally feel the energy at times concentrating on certain areas of my body. Responding well meant my body was ready to let go of past trauma that for whatever reason was not fully understood or expressed. Week after week I was feeling more and more aware of myself and how important it was to treat life with care and consideration.

This also brings with it the realization that I am in fact in control yet apart of something greater than myself altogether. These two things were never really believed with any conviction or relevance before, and I think it was because I had never felt them personally. I was also on my own, to fend for myself, for the first time in my life, which really led to facing my own, mirror more clearly than ever before.

Not that I have come out of the experience with knowing what to do with my life, but rather, how to treat myself along the way. To find inner strength and contentment with where I am now, leads me to a better path in which I don't have to worry so much about where I'm going. These sessions came at a time when I was open-minded and willing enough to accept the very nature of reality and it's process. The wheel is always spinning. This is a force worth dealing with, and I'd recommend this universal healing to anyone."

Sean | Denver, CO

Companion Animals and Horses

"I appreciate the work Peg has done with Choco (horse) and myself so far. Choco is a different horse than she was two months ago…I have trained many horses over the years and have never had the horse respond as Choco has. Thanks again."

Pam | Auburn, WA

"Thank You, Peg Ostrander for the time you have donated to The Equine Project. Peg is gifted with a unique ability to connect with horses and people on a deeply emotional and physical level. She has helped several of our horses work through issues such as trust, anxiety, anger, and physical ailments through the use of Reiki. Her insight and guidance have proven to be invaluable, we so appreciate her assistance."

The Equine Project | Enumclaw, WA

"I wanted to share my wonderful experience with Conscious Connections. Peg was amazing, she really listened to the issues we were experiencing with our beloved Airedale. Peg connected with Hunter on several occasions and did long distance Reiki with him. After working with Peg and following her suggestions, we saw calmness in Hunter. We feel we understand him even more now and have a closer bond. I would recommend Peg to anyone who wants to strengthen the bond they have with their pet."

Patrice | VA

"Peg Ostrander is a gifted healer. She is well versed in many powerful ways of healing. She is meticulous in her preparation and engagement and her open heart is a clear channel for both giving and receiving guidance. She worked with a horse of mine when she first came to the farm as a fearful and dangerous two- year old filly. Peg respectfully and sensitively engaged Whoopi to discover the root of her fears and then safely and lovingly 'rewired' her worldview. I watched as the mare shifted from pinned ears and arched neck to a calm receptive horse. We had a few more months of proving to her that humans could be trusted but she never bit or kicked anyone again. I saw her shift her energy under Peg's careful work and that was the turning point in her life. Today, she is the first horse to the gate to visit and is the darling of many young women who come here to be with her. I'm forever grateful to Peg for the transformation she facilitated in Whoopi."

Peggy Gilmer | WA State Executive Coach

"I want to thank you so much for your work on Shasta, my dog. She has continued to just get better and better. We had an appointment with her Chinese Vet today for her acupuncture. The vet was able to feel her waist, which hasn't been done in quite some time. Her liver is less enlarged than in has been in the past. I am very appreciative for the work you did on her; it just feels like the thing she needed to get over a bump in the road. I believe it's the icing on the cake for her overall treatment plan."

Angela | WA

… I thought I already knew how special you are. You’ve blown us away so many times with your ability to connect with and heal our horses. I really don’t know if Moonglow would still be with us without you helping us help her! You make a difference. What you did for Risen last night (from a distance!) was like nothing I had ever seen before! You truly helped that horse in a way that not even our vet could have done. Anyway, we are so incredibly grateful that God put you in our lives!

Suzanne C. | The Equine Project | Enumclaw, WA

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