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About Peg

Working with Healing Energy is one of Peg's passions and naturally she was drawn to study and practice Reiki. Using Reiki and other energy techniques, Peg is able to assist clients in releasing stress, pain, trapped emotional energy, and much more. This in turn creates a space for enhanced personal development, which can result in creating new possibilities, spiritual growth, and tapping into one’s Divine Potential.

Peg has spent her entire adult life teaching and assisting others in their personal journey. Being a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Practitioner, allows Peg to share the power of Reiki on several levels. Drawing on her intuition and empathic skills. Peg uses inquiry with clients to identify the real origins of issues and trauma. Once these are identified and acknowledged, the energy that was once limiting or trapped is released. This release along with Peg's compassionate and totally present coaching style allows clients to process and then to access their authentic self and energy. In addition, she is an Ordained Minister with The International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregation. Her spiritual nature is enhanced by also being very grounded and practical. This unique combination has allowed Peg to be very focused and "down to earth" when navigating the metaphysical world.

Besides her human clients, Peg also treats four-legged ones. Dogs, cats and horses make up her four-legged clientele. Horses have always been a major part of Peg’s life; she is naturally drawn to their strength, courage, and spiritual aspects. Therefore, Peg includes horses along with companion animals in her energy work. Bringing Divine Potential to humans, their pets, and horses is a real heart-felt calling for Peg.

Please note that Peg is not a medical practitioner. She does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please be advised to seek medical assistance from a licensed medical provider.

"Energy medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being." - Donna Eden author of Energy Medicine

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