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Question: What can Reiki and Energy Therapy provide?
Answer: Reiki and other Energy Therapy provide:
• Deep relaxation
• Compliment all medical treatments
• Relieve or decrease physical pain
• Support healing after surgery
• Assist with coping with depression, anxiety, and stress
• Facilitate positive changes in life
• Help during withdrawal from smoking or substance abuse
• Assist in releasing blocks to personal growth and fulfillment
• Assist with the End-of Life Process
• Support an increase in self-care and self- worth
• Deepen the awareness to the present moment
• Assist with emotional and mental issues

Question: What results can I expect?
Answer: Each person is unique. During a session, you may or may not feel the energy. However, all experience a sense of peace and deep relaxation. Reiki is Divinely Guided Energy and goes wherever it is need: mind, body, and/or spirit.

Question: How long will an appointment last?

Answer: Most appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes. Often times if a particular issue is being addressed, multiple appointments will be needed. However, when dealing with companion animals and horses, the animal will dictate how long the appointment will last. Usually though these also run about 60 minutes.

Question: What is my role during a session?
Answer: The client’s role is to be open to the process. Clients remain fully clothed while lying down on a massage table. Peg may or may not touch the client, depending on the individual’s permission. Often times, clients go to sleep at some point during the treatment.
If a client is coming for a specific reason, there may or may not be some verbal interaction between the client and Peg during the treatment. If Peg receives any intuitive information during the session, she will share that with the client either during or after the treatment.

Question: What is a Distance or Remote Session?
Answer: A Distance or Remote Session is where a practitioner performs an energy session on a client (human or animal) who isn’t physically in the same location at the time of the treatment. These remote or distance sessions are equally as powerful as an in-person treatment. Clients need to be in a safe, quite environment where they can rest during the scheduled session. These sessions are conducted over the phone so that Peg is in contact with the client both at the beginning and ending of the session.

Question: Why would I schedule a session for my pet or horse?
Answer: Like humans, animals suffer from stress and anxiety. Animals at times may be aggressive, have fear issues, lack concentration, or lack cooperation. Reiki and Energy Therapy assist with these issues. Animals that have been ‘rescued’ often times require several sessions to bring about trust, peace, and harmony with their human companion. In addition, Reiki and Energy Therapy can assist animals that are making their transition by offering comfort, relief from pain, fear and anxiety. This is a soothing way to ease the transition to death, and at the same time provide loving support to the dying animal's family. It is worth mentioning that ‘service animals’ greatly appreciate the loving energy that a session with Peg provides. These animals in particular give so much, and Reiki treats the entire animal: mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is always a gift! For more information go back to Peg’s Home page and click on Energy Therapy and Animals.

Question: Does Peg teach Reiki?
Answer: Yes, Peg is a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Practitioner. She teaches all levels of Reiki: Levels I, II, and III, which is the Master Level. In addition she teaches classes on Dowsing and an Introduction to the Human Energy Field. Contact Peg for additional information.

Disclaimer: Peg’s work, which includes education as well as energy sessions, is designed to promote relaxation and well-being. It is not intended to take the place of medical or veterinary care. Always seek the advice and care of a licensed medical practitioner.

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